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Our Hearts United for Good Animal Welfare Program is dedicated to serving pets in need, as well as their owners. We provide assistance with food and supplies, education and advocacy, and a dedication and commitment to improving the lives of all deserving animals in Mecklenburg County.

We also work closely with local rescues to assist needs whenever possible, and offer emergency vet assistance when funding allows. 

Since 2020, our Hearts United for Good Animal Welfare Program has built and repaired 24 fences, assisted over 62 pets, and logged over 650+ volunteer hours dedicated to animals in need.



This April, our Executive Director Bethany McDonald, and Associate Director Steven Tilley raced to the shelter to save a sweet, amazing dog named Ross from scheduled euthanasia due to overpopulation. Little did we know, this would be a story that garnered national attention....

Watch the videos below to follow Ross's journey with our HUG Directors, and how so many lives were changed in the course of a few short weeks!


In January of 2020, we transitioned the "Pets for Life" fence build program from the Humane Society of Charlotte to our organization so we could continue this overwhelmingly impactful work in our community. Watch the video below to see the effects of this commitment via our "Freedom Run Initiative"; a project targeting dogs living chained, tethered, or in any semblance of inhumane conditions.

This initiative allows us to work closely with the homeowner, pets, and any necessary outside service provider to build a free, secure enclosure - allowing the pets to run free and enjoy the quality of life that they so deserve!

The video below is our first installment of this initiative, partnering with volunteers from Union County NC Animal Welfare to provide an enormous fenced-in space for 3 dogs living in a tiny pen atop mud and concrete.

That's where we stepped in....

(for more information on volunteering or sponsoring a fence build, feel free to reach out anytime to

Another recent build by our Freedom Run Initiative team was completed for a very special owner under very special circumstances.

Mike is currently battling late stage Pancreatic cancer, and despite his struggles, still found it in his heart to adopt a dog in desperate need of a home to escape an overcrowded shelter and certain euthanasia.

HUG came together to finish a large enclosure outside of his house so that Ace could run free and play safely while Mike recovers.  

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