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Our Freedom Run initiative started with one sweet, special girl living her whole life outside, in the mud, on a 25lb. chain - until we showed up, and changed her life....

While she simultaneously changed ours.

by Bethany McDonald, Executive Director of HUGCLT

When we got to our site this morning to set the posts for Sunday’s fence build, poor Stormy wouldn’t come out of her little house (that the amazing Aj Lawing built and delivered the previous week). When she did, her tail was so tightly tucked between her legs you’d need a crowbar to pry it out. She had a low growl with a timid bark, and she wasn’t sure who we were or what we were doing. 

And then..... she realized we were there to help.


Next came the back scratches, the belly rubs, the face licks, the rolling in the grass, and all the love she would let us give her!! We returned the following week and built her new enclosure, complete with her new doghouse, a ground cover of straw to retain heat during the colder nights, and a tarp to keep her cool on the warmer days. Seeing her run unchained and tether-free for the first time was a moment in my life that I will never, ever forget, and it was nothing less than magical.

This sweet girl went from a 25lb chain - to 100 square feet of safely fenced in freedom. She even did a thank-you-lap giving all of the volunteers kisses of gratitude.

She’s a very happy dog now, but nowhere near as happy as we were to make this happen.


UPDATE: We worked with the homeowner who thankfully welcomed all of our help, and after some fence building, vet visits, heart worm treatment, and check ups - Stormy now has her very own large, clean enclosure during the day AND gets to live inside the house with her mom!! 

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