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Bringing Empathy, Compassion, and Understanding to people and situations we need to know the true stories behind.

by Bethany McDonald, Executive Director of HUGCLT

This was a really powerful day. Ending with some powerful image, and a powerful messages behind them.


Not gonna lie, it was one of the tougher ones.  I’ve been out there every day for the past 4 months, and I’ve seen and felt a LOT. 


Today was different.


I went to drop ice and bug spray - along with other necessities - with one of my regular tent residents under the 277 bridge that FINALLY got a job working nights at a factory. She’s young, roughed up, resilient, and determined to literally crush her existing obstacles.


As I was dropping the supplies this afternoon, I noticed her in her tent.... sleeping soundly despite the 105° heat - with her arm wrapped around a teddy bear. 


The moments when we humanize these occupants are the ones that hit you straight in the heart. They don’t just have obstacles, they have stories. 

And feelings. 

And dreams. 


The pictures you see of Charlotte on the news and in social media are of the main tent city areas..... Where dozens of vehicles stop every day to offer food, drink, and supplies. The amount of unaffiliated non-profit individuals that I see up there daily restores my faith in humanity every. single. day.


But there’s so much more to this problem. There’s mental and physical disabilities, addiction, and Covid-19 effects. There are dozens of smaller encampments filled with people trying to find some semblance of quiet, peace, and calm. Just trying to survive.


We came across another woman sleeping in the heat on the side of the railroad tracks at the end of our rounds today. We gave her cold water, asked about her needs, and made sure she knew we were there to help no matter the circumstances

I’m proud to serve this marginalized community alongside some of the most passionate, reputable non-profits and dedicated individuals this city has ever seen. Hearts United for Good is focused on doing all we can to help and support those who’ve been forgotten, abandoned, discarded, and rejected.

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