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The smile that spoke a thousand words

Sometimes we need to be reminded that love and happiness are both free - to give AND receive.

by Bethany McDonald, Executive Director of HUGCLT

We first met Spanky while doing our daily HUG Tent City outreach. She’s the kind of person that we don’t know how much we need, and the kind of person we never forget. The kind of soul that grabs you without trying. 


Everyone leaves an impression on me.... but her impression was different. 


Instead of me giving HER hope, she was slowly and quietly restoring my faith in humanity.


For someone who is living in conditions that so many of us would struggle to survive in - she lifted spirits, made us laugh, and brought the light that is her existence to our lives every. single. day.


And so, one freezing January night - yet again through the kindness of strangers - we were able to give Spanky the comforts that she deserved. She left her cold, wet tent behind to enjoy a warm, dry bed with a fridge, stove, microwave, and privacy while we and Roof Above worked on securing her some long term housing assistance. 


And then - it happened.

In May of 2021, Spanky was finally housed, with blessings abound. She still lives in her very own apartment with her dog, Daisy. And she still ignites happiness - even on the darkest of days - with that beautiful, genuine, warm smile full of love and hope.

Thank you to every single person that takes the time to read our stories.Thank you for every cent donated that allows us to help people like Spanky live the quality of life they deserve. And thank you to every single person that reaches out to ask how they can help the beautiful humans that we encounter every day. 

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